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#ColourFULL 2020 is a conference and awards night created by women of colour for women of colour and change makers.

The first of it’s kind in Australian history!

The conference will focus on programs and initiatives such as sponsorship, mentoring, coaching and an aim to create a membership-based community and private network for the advancement of women of colour in leadership and entrepreneurship via Amina of Zaria.

The event will feature an awards ceremony, recognising remarkable women of colour who are taking the lead socially, culturally and professionally, highlighting them as inspiring role models so that we can ‘see it to be it’.

The conference is also for diversity and inclusion individuals, managers, consultants and leaders of organisations who are interested in the advancement of women of colour and would like to hear robust conversations and keynotes from this incredible community firsthand. The conference will occur 5-10 March 2020 (date TBC) in Melbourne Australia and is the first of it’s kind in AUSTRALIAN HISTORY!

Want to know why we need a flagship event for women of colour for equality and advancement? Then read this article and this article on the definition of a woman of colour.

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If you would like to know how your organisation can close the gap for women of colour or adapt to the future of work, please email hello@aminaofzaria.com. Or alternatively, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via the email above and we will reply promptly.

We value the personal comfort and safety of all. All participants, attendees and members of #ColourFULL and Amina of Zaria are expected to abide by the code of conduct to ensure the psychological, physical and cultural safety of all.