Helping women of colour to succeed.

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Learn how to:

  • Advance women of colour in your organisation

  • Advance in leadership as a woman of colour

  • Embrace who you are and what makes you unique

  • Put yourself out there and grow your personal brand

  • Get a mentor, sponsor or coach

  • Support women of colour to advance by being a powerful ally

Date & Time: 6pm-9.30pm, 16 July 2019


  • 6.00pm - Doors open, registrations and networking. Wine and nibbles.

  • 6.30pm - Intro and keynote by Sadhana Smiles, Ambassador to #ColourFULL

  • 6.55pm - Introduction to #ColourFULL and what it means to be a woman of colour (Winitha Bonney)

  • 7.15pm - Panel conversation - how can women of colour advance? And what role can organisations and allies play?

  • 7.35pm - Break and networking

  • 7.45pm - Special Keynote: ‘Personal Power’, Kemi Nekvapil

  • 8.05pm - Meet the programming and awards committee + panel conversation (overcoming bias and the value of mentoring, sponsorship and allies)

  • 8.35pm - Facilitated speed mentoring and networking session

  • 8.55pm - Closing remarks and networking

  • 9.30pm - Event finishes

Location: NA as event tickets have closed.

Price: Super early bird tickets cost $25 (ends 4pm, 6 July 2019); Early bird tickets are $35 (ends 4pm, 14 July 2019); Full price tickets cost $55. Tickets include wine, nibbles, a gorgeous event space at YBF Ventures located in the heart of Melbourne CBD and the opportunity to find a mentor, sponsor, coach and network with like minded individuals.

We encourage you to pay it forward. Buy 1, give 1. These tickets will be distributed through registered charity and not for profit community organisations who will allocate them to women of colour experiencing hardship.


We know that one of the most effective things you can do to advance your career, elevate your profile, build your personal brand and to reach success, is to (1) join a community where the desired behaviour, mindset, values, dreams and success is the norm and (2) you already have something in common with this group of awesome individuals. Ultimately, who you consistently surround yourself with determines if you reach your goals and dreams, advance and succeed or not.

As a mentor said once: “When you get a group of people with similar goals together in one place, magic starts to happen. It's like joining CrossFit or a Zumba group - the shared energy starts to infect everyone and we all train harder. We know that 1:1 accountability has it's place, but it's nowhere NEAR as effective as group accountability. Humans are built for social connection, for belonging, to be apart of a tribe. Our human drive to be part of a community is so strong; it's in our DNA.

If you consistently interact with people who have a similar idea of what success looks like, then your natural drive is suddenly aligned with your goals, and brilliance, change and transformation start to appear on an individual and collective level.”

We call this your ‘tribe’.

Want to advance women of colour in leadership and entrepreneurship? Then attend this event and be apart of a tribe.

This event is it.

Hear from:



CEO Harcourts Group.

Founder Links Fiji. Director , speaker and multi award winner.

Ambassador for #ColourFULL

rachel yang.jpg


Investment Manager, Impact Investment Group.

JULIE PARKER Founder, Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Amanda Barker _ LinkedIn.jpg


Corporate Responsibility Manager, VicSuper.

Mr Deepak Vinayak.png


Community Leader. Multicultural Champion of Victoria.

Justice of the Peace.

trang du.jpg


Founder, Two Square Pegs.

Digital Product Designer.

YBF Ventures Transparent@0.5x.png

Thank you to YBF ventures for supporting women of colour.


KEMI NEKVAPIL Executive coach.



Raw food queen.

Karen huxley.jpg


General Manager, Audit (Business & Private Banking / Corporate & Institutional Banking) , NAB.



Supply Chain innovation leader.

Founder of Sistrv8 & iPrinciples Consulting.

profile pic.jpg


Thought leader in the future of work & advancing women of colour.

Founder #ColourFULL, Amina of Zaria and Bounczn.

jenni darr.jpg


Managing Director, Jadee Consulting.

Director Yuwi Aboriginal Corporation & Director Radarborg Ltd.

PhD Candidate.



Chair, Afro -Australian Student Organisation.

Youth Ambassador.

Volunteering Officer, Swinburne University.

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