#ColourFULL 2020

Helping women of colour to succeed.

#ColourFULL 2020 - Leadership and entrepreneurship conference and awards night by women of colour for women of colour and allies
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Get the below & more by attending #ColourFULL and take your life to the next level:

  • Receive an exclusive and powerful Turning my dreams into a reality! action book to work through at the conference resulting in a action plan to move your career/business and life forward.

  • Receive free resources, templates, freebies to amplify your career, business and life.

  • Get 1:1 personalised feedback, mentoring & advice on your resume, LinkedIn profile, interview skills, job applications and personal branding through our careers hub.

  • Get a free professional headshot to put on your LinkedIn profile, website etc.

  • Get 1:1 personalised feedback, mentoring and advice on your business/side hustle/startup through our entrepreneurship hub.

  • Get tools, resources and strategies to be a phenomenal leader by owning who you are.

  • Learn how to leverage what makes you unique and create a brand and story that positions you and your career/business as a leader in your chosen field.

  • Grow and expand your networks and therefore your ‘net-worth’ through a like-minded community, committed to seeing you prosper, grow and succeed.

  • Create a unique and powerful personal brand that impacts, inspires & influences others.

  • Get a mentor, sponsor or coach to feel genuinly supported & create a support network who will be your number 1 cheerleader, open networks and opportunities for you.

  • Support women of colour to advance by being a powerful ally.

  • Purchase products in our exhibition area and support woman of colour owned and led businesses.

  • Speak to potential employers in our exhibition area & pitch yourself for your dream job.

  • Speak to potential investors, startup accelerators, programs and intaitives in our entrepreneurship hub and pitch your business idea and land an opportunity of a lifetime!

  • Learn what your personal style is in our careers hub to transform your personal brand.

  • Get instant access to the awards night to ‘see it so you can be it’, expand your networks, support women of colour finalists, hear directly from them and be inspired. You never know, there just might be ice cream at the awards night…shhhhhhh :-)

  • Attend an incredible event in a gorgeous event space in Melbourne CBD.

  • Learn now to advance women of colour in your organisation strategically and operationally.

  • Increase your recruitment pipeline through attending an event filled with talented and skilled women of colour who are eager to advance in their career.

  • Increase the diversity of your investment portfolio through attending an event filled with incredible ideas and startups that are ready to scale.

  • Leave empowered, inspired and energised through hearing from inspiring and thought provoking women of colour speakers and surrounding yourself in a action focused, ambitious and driven community of women of colour.

  • Conquer procrastination, fear, worry, doubt and low self confidence through taking action on your #goals by attending a action focused conference & by leaving with an action plan that will TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

Date & Time: TBC The event will be between 5-9 March 2020


  • TBC

    Note: Speakers, sessions and session times are subject to change without notice due to the nature of running event.

Location: TBC - Event will be held in Melbourne Australia.

Who is this event for?

If you are a woman of colour and you want to:

  • Create change your life

  • Take action towards turning your dreams into a reality

  • Start/grow/scale your business

  • Find your purpose/passion/side hustle

  • Network and be inspried from other women of colour

  • ‘See it, so you can be it’

  • Take your career to the next level and be a leader of impact and influence

  • Be a BOSS in every area of your life

  • Attend an event where you are surrounded by inspiring, action focused and powerful women of colour (sisters)

  • Attend an event where women of colour ARE the focus, are recognised and rewarded

  • Attend an event that has you dancing, laughing, smiling and amen’ing from your seat

Then this event is for you!

If you are an allie (non-woman of colour) and you want to:

  • Hear from women of colour first hand regarding barriers they are facing

  • Learn strategies and solutions to support women of colour to advance in leadership and entrepreneurship

  • Develop skills to support women of colour and create opportuities for them

  • Create a more diverse recruitment pipeline with talented and skilled women of colour

  • Be exposed to women of colour led startups to create a diverse investor portfolio

  • Attend an event that has you dancing, laughing, smiling and amen’ing from your seat

Then this event is for you!

#ColourFULL is inclusive of all beautiful non-binary and transgender people.

Price/investment into you:

  • Early release tickets: $99 (ends 5pm, 10 November 2019)

  • Super early bird tickets: $165 (ends 5pm, 22 December 2019)

  • Early bird tickets: $249 (ends 5pm, 16 February 2020);

  • Full price tickets: $399 (until sold out)

  • Executive breakfast: $699 (invite only, ticket does not include access to main event. If you would like an invitation email hello[at]aminaofzaria.com with an expression of interest. All profits go towards leadership and entrepreneurship scholarships for women of colour to empower us to succeed. These scholarships will be offered/announced in the later half of 2020 or at #ColourFULL 2021 via www.aminaofzaria.com

  • Claim this conference back on your tax return as a professional development/business expense (Note: always consult a qualified accountant). We will send you invoice/receipt.

  • Get your employer to pay for you to attend as part of your professional development. Most employers have budgets set aside for you to attend events, conferences and leadership programs. This event is taillored to the nuances and needs of women of colour to help you succeed in leadership regardless of your choosen field or sector and costs a fraction of the cost (most 1 day conferences and leadership programs cost $1500-3000). For a draft email to send to your manager email us at hello[at]aminaofzaria.com. We are also happy to email them directly on your behalf and give you a few pointers as to have to navigate the conversation to enable you to attend. We can send them a receipt/invoice to claim this back as a business expense.

  • For group tickets and corporate group packages (minimum of 10 tickets) email hello[at]aminaofzaria.com stating how many tickets you would like to purchase - we’d love offer you a discount! :-D

Other important information:

This event is not your average dry, boring, death by powerpoint event. It’s punchy, edgy, contemporary and one big production that help you consciously and subconsciously create that shift that you so badly want in your life, career and business. So expect loads of singing, dancing, high fiving and amen’ing!

Wear comfortable shoes and attire so you can dance and move freely throughout the day. Did I mention there will be dancing to awesome 90’s RnB and pop music? ;-)

Tickets sell out fast so be sure to get your’s quick. If you think you’ll get it later, it will most likely be sold out - we know because of the number of people that email us on the day asking for a ticket saying how they kept putting it off or decided to wait till closer to the date to purchase a ticket!

Catering is not covered in the above price to ensure tickets are affordable. So bring snacks, a water bottle and go out to lunch with your new friends during the lunch break!

All tickets are general admission. There is no allocated seating or concession pricing. We’ve worked extremely hard to keep the tickets as affordable as possible. If you are experiencing hardship and want to attend to shift your circumstances email hello[at]aminaofzaria.com

There will be a prayer room for our muslim sisters and accessible toilets for those that require it. When you purchase a ticket you will be asked if you have specific accessibility needs. Be as descriptive and clear as possible so we can ensure you have a fantastic time. Please be assured that will do our abosolute best to accomodate all accessibility request and will be in contact with you directly via email.

We encourage you to pay it forward. Buy 1, give 1. These tickets will be distributed through registered charity and not for profit community organisations who will allocate them to women of colour experiencing hardship. Help a sister out by empowering her to attend.

Community: #ColourFULL will grow your network to increase your networth

We know that one of the most effective things you can do to advance your career, elevate your profile, build your personal brand and to reach success, is to (1) join a community where the desired behaviour, mindset, values, dreams and success is the norm and (2) you already have something in common with this group of awesome individuals. Ultimately, who you consistently surround yourself with determines if you reach your goals and dreams, advance and succeed or not.

As a mentor said once: “When you get a group of people with similar goals together in one place, magic starts to happen. It's like joining CrossFit or a Zumba group - the shared energy starts to infect everyone and we all train harder. We know that 1:1 accountability has it's place, but it's nowhere NEAR as effective as group accountability. Humans are built for social connection, for belonging, to be apart of a tribe. Our human drive to be part of a community is so strong; it's in our DNA.

If you consistently interact with people who have a similar idea of what success looks like, then your natural drive is suddenly aligned with your goals, and brilliance, change and transformation start to appear on an individual and collective level.”

We call this your ‘tribe’.

Want to advance women of colour in leadership and entrepreneurship? Then attend this event and be apart of a tribe.

This event is it.

Hear from:



CEO Harcourts Group.

Award winning Director.

Speaker. Author.

Ambassador for #ColourFULL

Kemi 2.jpg


Executive coach

Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator



profile pic.jpg

Thought leader in the future of work & advancing women of colour.

Founder #ColourFULL, Amina of Zaria and Bounczn.



Founder of Sistrv8 & iPrinciples Consulting.

jenni darr.jpg


Managing Director, Jadee Consulting.

Director Yuwi Aboriginal Corporation & Director Radarborg Ltd.

PhD Candidate.

Amanda barker.jpg


Corporate Responsibility Manager, VicSuper.


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