Speaker Terms and Conditions


    MCs, panel members, panel chairs and co-chairs, workshop facilitators, trainers, mentors, coaches, sponsors, counselors, psychologists, keynote speakers, speakers, presenters and anyone who is presenting, training and or facilitating at #ColourFULL.

    ‘Amina of Zaria’ or ‘Us’ means the conference organiser, owner and right holder of #ColourFULL.

    ‘The event’  means the awards event called  #ColourFULL and vice versa.


    Amina of Zaria (the conference organiser) strongly believes in sharing content as widely as possible so as to advance women of colour in leadership, entrepreneurship, and life, creating true equality and opportunity for all women of colour. Therefore, whole or parts of content produced by the Speaker will be photographed, filmed, live streamed, recorded, uploaded and or made publicly available on platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. All content (whole or in part) produced by the speaker will be filmed, recorded, uploaded and housed via www.aminaofzaria.com  (a private membership/community and digital platform for and by women of colour to elevate, educate and empower women of colour to succeed in career, business and life) where content is kept fully safe and secure and can only be accessed by members via a secure login. Therefore, all content can only be accessed by conference attendees (who will be given private membership access to Amina of Zaria for 12 months starting the day of the conference) and community members of Amina of Zaria. The author will be credited wherever content is shared and or uploaded and wherever sessions are filmed and or uploaded.

    All attendees, volunteers, members of Aminaofzaria.com and event staff will be required to sign and consent to a set of terms and conditions which states that if they wish to reproduce, use commercially or share content for commercial purposes they must contact the creator/speaker directly and gain consent first. The terms also state that the author must be credited wherever content is shared publicly.

    The speaker gives Amina of Zaria the right to film, photograph, live stream, record all sessions and content (Records). The speaker gives Amina of Zaria the right to (i) distribute, broadcast, display, edit, translate or otherwise disseminate the Records, in whole or in part, without any further approval from the Speaker, throughout the world, in perpetuity, in any and all media now known or hereafter developed, (ii) license sponsors and partners of #ColourFULL to do the same and (iii) use the Records for educational, publicity and promotion purposes of #ColourFULL and Amina of Zaria only. The grant of rights to Amina of Zaria includes, but is not limited to, the right to use the Records either alone or together with supporting information, such as the Speakers name, voice, photograph, likeness, and biographical data.

    The Speaker grants Amina of Zaria permission to use and reproduce any attendee resources (physical and or digital) developed for and or used for my presentation at #ColourFULL for members of Amina of Zaria. The Speaker understands that their resources will only be used for educational purposes and be credited with themselves as the author.

    If resources were not developed by the Speaker, the Speaker confirms that they have sought the relevant permissions from authors/creators to reproduce ideas/content/IP as part of their presentation at #ColourFULL, for it to be distributed to all event attendees, and for them to be housed and reproduced for educational purposes for members of Amina of Zaria (www.aminaofzaria.com) where they will be referenced and credited appropriately and accordingly. The Speaker hereby releases Amina of Zaria from any liabilities, fees, legal actions that may result from my use of other individuals/organisations IP for the above purposes.

    All ownership (including copyright) as well as all other rights, title and interest in and to these Recordings shall belong exclusively to Amina of Zaria and the Speaker understands that they will not be paid or compensated. The Speaker understands this is different from the copyright in existing  intellectual property that has been used to create their presentation at #ColourFULL, which belongs to the Speaker.

    Further, the Speaker grants Amina of Zaria and it’s sponsors and partners, the non-exclusive right, without limitation as to time, to use and display their name, biography, portrait, picture, voice, likeness and any records in whole or in part, thereof for the purposes of education, advocacy, advertising, publicizing, and promoting of #ColourFULL and Amina of Zaria, and in connection with Amina of Zaria institutional advertising.     

    The Speaker agrees to release Amina of Zaria, and its sponsors and partners, from any and all claims the Speaker may have arising out of her participation in #ColourFULL and all uses of the Records for the above purposes.


    The Speaker agrees and accepts that Amina of Zaria is not legally responsible for any loss or damage she might suffer related to her use of the website (www.aminaofzaria.com) and participation at #ColourFULL. It shall be the Speakers own responsibility to ensure that participating at #ColourFULL meets her specific, personal requirements.

    The Speaker knowingly and voluntarily agrees to assume all reasonable risks and responsibilities for any liabilities, injury or accident, which might occur at #ColourFULL except for those resulting from negligence or willful misconduct on the part of Amina of Zaria.

    4. PRIVACY

    Amina of Zaria respects your privacy. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information collected from you as stipulated in the Privacy Act 1988. We pledge that all personal information of the Speaker is kept safely and securely and will not be sold nor will be provided or shared with any third party, except with the Speaker’s prior written consent. You have the right to access and correct your personal information and privacy preferences at any time.

    By participating in the event you consent to our use of your personal information to administer the event, send you marketing and other information relating to the event or invite you to be part of our initiatives including case studies, research, evaluation, future awards and events.


    All intellectual property rights related to the event, including the information and data we collect, belong to us. Any intellectual property rights you already owned prior to participating in #ColourFULL belongs to you. You also assign to us, including by way of a present assignment, and assignment of all rights that may arise in the future, all intellectual property rights related to any and all materials that arise in relation to your participation in the event. This is detailed in clause two above.


    The Speaker agrees to attend the awards event in person and to interact with attendees as required.

    The Speaker agrees to abide by the code of conduct at all times.

    The Speaker agrees that if they would like to sell any resources at the event via a stand, booking signing, etc, that they must seek approval from the organisers first and discuss the particulars of the arrangment.

    The Speaker agrees to be culturally and psychologically sensitive in her speech, content, interaction with participants and delivery and hereby releases Amina of Zaria from any liabilities that may be a result of the speech, content or delivery.

    The Speaker agrees to promote #ColourFULL actively on all social media leading up to the event, and to her own networks on a weekly basis using the content provided to her by the event organisers at #ColourFULL/Amina of Zaria.

    The Speaker agrees that they understand that it is policy that all speakers be paid a set nominal fee in compensation for their time and to advance and acknowledge the efforts of all women of colour, presenters and speakers regardless of level of career or profile. We want to provide all women of colour the equal opportunity to speak and or present regardless if they have no speaking experience or have a low - medium profile. As #ColourFULL’s mission is purpose before profit, this nominal fee is preset for all speakers/presenters and works within the constraints of the budget. Contra deals are also able to be negotiated instead of receiving the set nominal fee. You are welcome to contact us via email hello[at]aminaofzaria.com to discuss this in more detail. Please keep in mind that it is also policy that only speakers/presenters with a high profile (as determined, verified, validated and approved by the #ColourFULL team and programming and awards committee), a large community/number of followers and an extensive background and experience in speaking are able to negotiate a fee and or contra deal in compensation for their time/engagement in #ColourFULL or associated Amina of Zaria events. This is also dependent on the budget.

    We encourage high profile speakers/presenters to re-consider their commercial fees/rates (to align our mission being purpose before profit and values to educate, empower and elevate women of colour) for this event and to speak/present on a pro bono or contra-deal basis to give back and empower women of colour to advance. It’s about paying it forward and enabling these funds to be reallocated to efforts to advance all women of colour, in particular, those that are experiencing socio-economic challenges. This will be discussed and negotiated with high profile speakers prior to signing engagement contracts.

    The Speaker agrees to acknowledge first nations people in their speech/content/delivery and will notify the conference organiser (Amina of Zaria) if the content contains any images of people who have passed away. The agrees to make her content, presentation and any associated attendee resources accessible and inclusive.

    The Speaker agrees with the values of #ColourFULL (elevate, educate, empower) and provide details of how she can be contacted by attendees through the followup event communique.  The Speaker also agrees to engage in the mentoring/coaching/sponsorship hub at the event and also for at least 1 hour online via www.aminaofzaria.com (after the event) to share her work, experience and to elevate women of colour to advance. The Speaker agrees that there are no fees provided for this and is to be done in-kind in line with living the values of the event.

    By submitting the speaker form and or agreeing to speak/participate in the event, The Speaker agrees to the terms and conditions stipulated in this web page that has been accessed via https://www.aminaofzaria.com/award-nomination and or contained in the speaker's engagement contract. Once you have sent the application form or signed the speaker engagement contract, you will be unable to negotiate any of the terms or conditions thereafter.

    The Speaker agrees that whether they participate in #ColourFULL or not, that they agree to be contacted in the future and added to the Amina of Zaria database where they will be sent/notified in the future regarding information, promotions, communication, campaigns, marketing and content pertaining to #ColourFULL and or Amina of Zaria. The Speaker acknowledges that they can unsubscribe at anytime and we promise not to spam.

    The Speaker agrees and understands that the only speakers that are exempt from filling out the speaker application form are headliner keynote speakers, the MC, Amina of Zaria team, programming and awards committee and ambassador of #ColourFULL. 95-80% of speaker slots are reserved for the competitive speaker application process to ensure equality and opportunities to advance for all women of colour regardless of profile. However, the Speaker understands that the information that is contained in the form is still sought from every speaker and all speakers will go through the same speaker application process outlined here: https://www.aminaofzaria.com/apply-to-be-a-speaker excluding headliner keynote speakers, the MC, Amina of Zaria team, programming and awards committee and ambassador of #ColourFULL.

    The Speaker agrees to be profiled on various media and social media channels. The Speaker consents to this in accordance with the terms and conditions stated here within.


    Amina of Zaria reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of these terms at any time. Please check these terms regularly that is available publicly on our website to ensure you are aware of any changes. We will endeavor to highlight any significant or substantive changes to you where possible. If you choose to submit a speaker form via the Amina of Zaria website and or sign a speaker engagement contract, then we will regard that use as conclusive evidence of your agreement and acceptance that these terms and any amendments made herein that govern your and Amina of Zaria's rights and obligations to each other.

    Thanks and be blest.

If you would like to know how your organisation can close the gap for women of colour or adapt to the future of work, please email hello@aminaofzaria.com. Or alternatively, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via the email above and we will reply promptly.