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Amina of Zaria is a digital platform and membership community that provides women of colour with the support, accountability, guidance and community needed to create lasting and sustainable change in your life.

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  • Create a profile, network and connect with each powerful women of colour. 

  • Access resources, templates, tools and programs designed specifically to help you to succeed in business, career and life.

  • Gain feedback on your personal branding efforts, LinkedIn profiles and resumes

  • Find or post jobs, board vacancies and volunteer, awards and startup/entrepreneurship opportunities.

  • We match members giving women of colour the ability to find a mentor, coach and or sponsor.

  • Join our speakers' bureau (for members only) to increase the representation of women of colour speakers at events and conferences.

  • Get exclusive VIP access to our live event experiences and conferences such as #ColourFULL 

  • Get exclusive access to our workshops, masterclasses, online programs and face to face leadership and entrepreneurship programs and initiatives to help you grow and accelerate your career.

  • Get access to exclusive digital content (including documentaries and film-based content), published through social media, our digital platform that is accessible by members only, and through other media platforms where we continue to advocate and lobby for the equality of women of colour.

  • And much MUCH more!

Want to know who is a woman of colour? Then read this article.
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